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Yup, @StormIsUpon us, welcome to the big leagues. You won't be able to make a new account because Twitter has your IP address, your MAC address, your browsing patterns, location data from your phone, and a ton of other data about you. They're going to keep swatting you down every time you try to reincarnate there, because the deck is stacked and they have TOTAL control over the battlefield there.

I lasted two months on there in 2019, when I got my hands on an account with a 7 year history - which confused their bots for a long time. But they found me eventually there, too.

The only real solution I see to this is to remove power from @jack, and to do so systematically by depriving him of eyeballs (and thus, earnings).

True, the "reach" isn't quite as large as Twitter, but that's only because people keep trying to go back to them like abused dogs, and refuse to put the time and energy into building here. They're little more than dopamine addicts, and frankly, I don't think it's worth the tradeoff, because we will never be treated as anything other than second class citizens, with our numbers fudged, and our accounts banned.

We have to build outside their domain now.

This is why we need to support Gab.

This is why I'm an investor in Gab, and why I'm a Lifetime Pro member here.

Networks are POWERFUL, so we can't allow the likes of Jack to have control over them any more.

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