Government guidelines around covid, and the way folks are behaving related to how covid is transmitted are causing problems. Here is an example of how a safe person is requesting others behave, so maybe we should go with this level of cautions?

The COVID19 mitigation guidance that is given to Americans by some people is not the same guidance they use themselves. We’ve known this for a while, but it still stings when the rest of us have been subjected to a mass-infection strategy, and if you say that, people treat you like you are a nut.

Had to keep my face from falling into horror in a zoom meeting with a person today who tested + for covid. Employer is "making him stay home" even though he is past the 5 day CDC suggested time to stay home, as he is still testing +. Someone in his office is fragile medically & he's mad because he cannot get mentorship from home like he could if he was at work.

I told him the CDC is the minimum good he can do. If his employer wants him home, he should just chill the F out. Sociopathic stuff.

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