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The video is from last year,

i never use a mask, only to enter some big supermall if i have to because you can't enter otherwisde but everytime i can i prefer go to the small ones where you meet the owner etc etc i went on some big populated events and here i am has covid don't exist #spike #protein

@samuraikid @JP@noagendasocial.com @Zennblack 1) personal protection, 2) R0 and to what degree the various interventions address 1) & 2), respectively


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"The benefits of the research in preventing future epidemics have so far been nil, the risks vast."

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Faunci now recommends use mask in your eyes to you don't see his leaked emails"

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Yeah it did not evolve naturally. How do we solve the created problem? By doing the same things that didn't help for almost 2 years? I gotta get on with my life as I may be diagnosed with cancer at any moment. That is what I have actually witnessed kill friends and family for my entire adult life.

@Zennblack @samuraikid @JP@noagendasocial.com re:solve created problem... Make Hammurabi Great Again... in a just world, Tony would be tried & executed... you know shit's fucked when psychopath virologists are celebrated & common folk are regulated...

re:cancer... Thomas N Seyfried: religious fasting rituals could help maintain mitochondrial health & reduce cancer risks bit.ly/2PI1uj9

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