Hi everyone, back from my trip (no internet). What did I miss?

@freemo I haven’t been keeping up with politics as closely as usual this summer but I heard #AnthonyFauci is set to get the boot soon after a bunch of FOIA-released emails showed that he lied about the #coronavirus, especially in the early stages of its outbreak

@realcaseyrollins I never had much respect for fauci just because he seemed to care more about a narrative than the facts. Not so much that I thought he was a liar but just that he would cherry pick his facts and choose his language to meet his agenda, and I'm not a fan or that. So he told people what they wanted to hear and I'm never a fan.

With that said I am a bit surprised he went to the point of all out lies, intentionally.

What sort of lies was he caught telling I wonder...

@freemo @realcaseyrollins It's very unlikely he will be fired, it's mostly posturing by the Rs as far as I can tell. The lies mentioned are about him dismissing masks as ineffective early on, which he did publicly and already has been criticized for - but I guess an "email leak" confirming what everybody already knew is reason enough to stir some shit.


Hmm, seems like an odd thing for Rs to posture. They tend to have the larger portion of the "masks are ineffective group" and being the angry mob that goes after Fauci for saying masks are ineffective and claiming he lied in making that statement doesnt really sound like the R's MO in that regard.

Also im not sure how that is even framed as lie or there is an e-mail leak confirming it. Can you link me to the email where he was caught expressing the statement despite knowing it is a lie? Afterall early on in the COVID epidemic even the WHO was making public statements about the ineffectiveness of masks so wouldnt strike me as something straightforward enough to even call a lie in either direction.


@freemo @timorl I haven't seen anything close to the whole exchange of emails, but I know there was one instance where while he was telling people publicly to wear masks, privately he said only infected people should wear masks. Another time, he had an individual (I believe the person was Chinese but I may be mistaken) thank him via email for dismissing the claim that the #Coronavirus came from a lab in #Wuhan #China

@realcaseyrollins @freemo @timorl Faucian fascism: using poor people tax money to create pandemic to further enrich Pharma with direct-to-patients ads for "monoclonal antibodies"

In a just world, Fauci, Daszak, Andersen, Shi would be tried & executed.

"The benefits of the research in preventing future epidemics have so far been nil, the risks vast." --Nicholas Wade

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