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"Tax the rich!" usually means "tax everyone with more money than me".

Don't fuck around with zwave settings on a working network, unless you want to spend half an evening undoing your fuckery.

Although I love the sync capabilities of (with ), I'm currently moving to . This way I get calendar support too.

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If anyone sounds like a James Bond villain it's Klaus Schwab ...

Here ya go people, show us your photoshop/gimp skills!

Dear hackers. What's your favorite application (selfhosted) and why?

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I can confirm that sending Dick pics to people often results in anger.

@adam didn't even read my note in the dreadful Dutch accent (thank God)

I don't see a problem with fediverse block lists whatsoever. We block spam with RBLs, we block ads with pihole. We block anything we don't want to see. And because it's all federated, you *can* choose another instance or even set up your own.

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Meanwhile in Amsterdam, water cannons deployed.
🔴 LIVE: Noodbevel van kracht in Amsterdam, honderden demonstranten op Museumplein - YouTube

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Free Speech Safe Space.