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Fiddled with wallabag (and the Kobo app wallabako). Great stuff!

Any home assistant users in the fediverse?

Bill Gates created Microsoft. Microsoft created windows. Out off everything, viruses should be the last thing we trust him with...

TIL the official Twitter account of the company I work for blocks me 🤔

Oh look, we have a "European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control" !

Isn't it odd that until today, when I accidentally stumbled upon their website, I have never heard of them before? I _did_ know about the CDC of the US though 😕

I love the smell of suspended bots in the morning.

If the Corona crisis blows up the European Union, we at least got something positive out of this. is now running v3.1.3.

Not sure why there's such an increase in bots joining

All bots seem to have bs email domains, all handled by

They seem to be harmless for now (no activity after signing up).

I'm keeping an eye on you.

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Free Speech Safe Space.