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oh gosh, is back! all!

That's it. It's time for more Darkthrone.

"Github must stop working with clients like ICE!"

A few months before that:

"HoW dArE tHAT bAkErY rEfUsE tO mAkE a GaY wEdDiNg CaKe!"

I'm done with the rain. You may turn it off now.

Europe 2017: zomg, they've elected Trump! He'll start so many wars, WW3 is near!!!

Europe 2019: the idiot is pulling troops home !!1!1

Who the fuck comes up with this?
Even worse: who buys this?!

Upgraded this mastodon instance to v3.0.1

Can't wait for the interview with Nobel prize winner Greta when she's 35. The planet is still fine, nothing of her prophecies of doom have come true, she can no longer see CO², she's a mother of 3 lovely kids and she talks about the wealth she created over the years.

Greta: "We will all die unless you're going to listen to the scientists!"

Prophets of doom: "We will all die unless you're going to listen to the Lord!"

Suprised no one registered 'greta' on this instance yet ;-)

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