I've blocked new signups today 'cause I don't have the time nor resources anymore to keep this instance running. On 2023-01-01 justicewarrior.social will be turned off so you have 2 months time to find a new instance and move your account and followers there ( see justicewarrior.social/settings for migrating your account)

Sorry for this ...

:verified: ticks are still free here at justicewarrior.social!

I've been messing with the relay ( relay.justicewarrior.com ). If you're an instance admin and were using it, please remove and add again as I lost the config :-(

Upgraded to v3.5.0 (thanks to @eriner tooting about it and reminding me)

There ya go, we're running on the latest (v3.4.3) now.

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About to update mastodon, if something fails to work for you, I'm already trying to fix it.

@eriner afaik it drags in all public statuses, so also the ones not followed yet. This makes discovering new users on a remote instance easier

@sean @john @ServerStatus @dan we have to see how this works out. I can blacklist/whitelist instances if needed too, so just let me know if things get out of control

@sean @john @ServerStatus @dan i see you've already set it up. In theory anything posted to your instance should be visible in the federated timeline of the connected instances.

@ServerStatus @dan Feel free to pass it on to the other NA-minded instances :)

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