Cancel culture has finally made it to the Gitmo Lowlands in full force. Thanks Murica!

@CSB if a git branch name causes you discomfort, the git branch name is the least of your problems.

@darrenoneill I should listen to older podcasts as well then, eh? Thanks :)

@darrenoneill The other day I believe you posted some speedtest graph on twitter of your VPN connection. Care to go over your reasons for using a VPN on your podcast?

@Viking @Bishop You don't think social justice / identity politics raging across universities have anything to do with it?

@Viking @Bishop "Men [...] were more likely to be sexually inactive, as were men and women who were students."

Students ... sexually inactive. How? What? I have no words...

So now we misunderstand the term "defund the police".

That comes from the same people who want to change blacklist to blocklist because "language matters"...

You'd think that looting wasnt the best behavior in times you call for the abolishment of police πŸ€”

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