So the BTL305 Mipow playbulb thing _was_ controllable by an idling raspberry pi.

... and now by mqtt.

... and now by home assistant.

@darrenoneill @coldacid @Johnny_of_the_swamp @eriner I'm playing with the idea to migrate to Pleroma. If I can get my tiny mastodon instance migrated, I'll share my scripts/findings with @eriner (if wanted). Low-prio though, so don't expect this to be finished over the weekend ;)

oh gosh, is back! all!

@igeljaeger you just have to be able to look things up faster on google/stackoverflow than non-IT people.

That's it. It's time for more Darkthrone.

"Github must stop working with clients like ICE!"

A few months before that:

"HoW dArE tHAT bAkErY rEfUsE tO mAkE a GaY wEdDiNg CaKe!"

I'm done with the rain. You may turn it off now.

@stsmith due to this climate movement, my dreams of a Lamborghini are also bittersweet.

Europe 2017: zomg, they've elected Trump! He'll start so many wars, WW3 is near!!!

Europe 2019: the idiot is pulling troops home !!1!1

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