I've blocked new signups today 'cause I don't have the time nor resources anymore to keep this instance running. On 2023-01-01 will be turned off so you have 2 months time to find a new instance and move your account and followers there ( see for migrating your account)

Sorry for this ...

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@b10m don't worry - you're doing a good thing (also for your own mental health) and you're giving notice - that's nice too. This is the way it goes on the fediverse 🙂

@b10m oh, kinda sad to hear about that but then I can't do much about it (mostly bcs I'm not in a position to pay for the service even if there was a way to lol).

Thank you for the things you've done 😊.
and have good day.

@b10m probably for the better... thanks for the amusing times on the fedi... is there a way to download my account without migrating?

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