So essentially Chromium and all other spinoffs are fucked, and with Firefox... well burning down, the fuck is going to be the go to now?

This is a good thing. They wont let you sign in to your google accounts, this shouldn't be a problem for people that are trying to get away from Google and hence are using Chromium.

@harvhat Whats to stop them from taking back Chromium altogether? And moving away from gmail isnt quite as easy as most plebs say it is. There's paid services, but its also something that isnt feasable when your poor and dont have the ability to run a stable infrastructure for an email server yourself. Even if you have a friend run it for you, theres that trust aspect that forces you, and even others around you that would have to use your email, to trust that its legit. People are paranoid.

@AzurusNova @harvhat protonmail is a decent gmail replacement, no? Offers a free tier as well.

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@b10m @harvhat I've problems losing information to get to my account and that leading to my account being fully encrypted and no longer being accessible and I would end up having to create a new account. I can understand protonmail being useful if you have information that you extremely want to keep secret or do not want other people seeing but I'm basically using my email for communication to and from work. Having that level of security for work emails is a little absurd.

@AzurusNova @harvhat I was referring to the trust issues with friends hosting your mail as well as the poor people argument. Both are tackled by proton.

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