So in one week TransIP notifies me the free 1TB "STACK" storage will be discontinued and Google tells me Photos will only allow 15G from soon on.

Time to host every bloody thing myself!

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@flamingkeys @b10m
>there is so much shit to configure just to run it
>has issues with larger uploads
>Android app kills battery

Sadly Nextcloud is the best alternative to Google Cloud

@matrix @flamingkeys @b10m Ok PHP sucks. No one would argue that lol.

But the rest of the issues don’t exist in my case. The whole thing works like a charm.

@shebang @b10m @flamingkeys
Maybe all of those are caused by using object storage :peepoShrug:
How does your setup hand 4GB files and higher?
Have you tried automatic sync on Android?

@matrix @b10m @flamingkeys I haven’t done an automatic sync on android because the latest versions just magically pull the files as needed. It hasn’t come up as something I need. I would expect that to use more battery, but that feels a bit obvious.

Uuuuuh lemme find a file larger than 4gig. There is one, a vbox disk image lol… I’ll upload it and see what happens

@shebang @b10m @flamingkeys Wait, how did you do that in 10 minutes? You have it local?
I guess it's object storage support. :peepoShrug: It works sometimes.

@matrix @b10m @flamingkeys Its on a vm on my lan, so the upload time was probably not a major factor.

@shebang @b10m @flamingkeys Syncing to the cloud. It starts at random times and kills the battery. Thankfully it's webdav so I can just use a different app that works.

@matrix @b10m @flamingkeys Like maybe there is a use case I haven’t had yet that you are talking about.

Like syncing a dir on the phone to nextcloud instead of pulling from nextcloud to the phone? I haven’t tried that. My use case for nextcloud is calendaring/contacts (davx for that, works like magic), then storing just files that I want acceessible. Memes, important files, etc etc. I don’t use it for mass backups or anything like that.

@matrix @b10m @flamingkeys Oh and notes/task lists. Those are critical for poor retarded people like me :blobderpsad:

@matrix @b10m @flamingkeys I even run mine is a bit of a strange setup — its on a kvm, behind a nginx reverse proxy that is on a different server.


Internet -> Nginx Server -> virtual machine server.

You gotta run some command uh I forget what to get that to actually work.

@matrix @flamingkeys @b10m best all-in-one alternative, you can easily replace most of the stuff with separate stuff, i.e. rss reader, contacts, mail ui, storage, etc.

@matrix @flamingkeys @b10m I also found ownCloud/Nextcloud's server-side encryption to be terribly lacking. But I last checked 4 years ago.

Right now I'm using syncthing for any device-to-device sync I need, and hashbackup to Backblaze B2 and Google's object storage for a "cloud copy"

@flamingkeys @matrix @b10m Exposes filenames, that was an immediate dealbreaker. I believe they may have fixed that since.

A lot of slap-dash crypto efforts also tend to expose the folder structure and file sizes. This seems like a schizo-paranoia problem at first, but understand that places like the RIAA can keep a list together of known file-size lists for copyrighted albums, etc.

@r000t @matrix @b10m Now they advertise themselves as "having no leaks at all, not even the meta data. " I think they are great though.

@flamingkeys @matrix @b10m lemme go pull up their documentation super quick. I've been puttering around launching an owncloud on my nas but it's been very very very low on my list of todos

@r000t @matrix @b10m BTW do you really sleep with transwomen every night? That kind of libido could make Hugh Hufner jealous.

@flamingkeys @matrix @b10m My gf is trans. That's why it's particularly hilarious to be on every blocklist on fedi as "transphobic/transmismic"

@r000t @matrix @b10m You have "solid" taste in women bruh. Are you part of the LGBT community?

@flamingkeys @matrix @b10m I don't really got a choice in the matter. Twitter popped me for quoting a video game trailer.

@flamingkeys @matrix @b10m Quoted this.

I had a uh.... fanclub... reporting literally every Tweet. So this was flagged as "violent threats"

Oh, well. Twitter's about to get either regulated, broken up, or fall apart entirely once they ban their life support on 21 Jan.

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@flamingkeys @matrix Nextcloud seems overkill for my use case. I do like the google photos interface, but can live without it, I guess.

Sync'ing to a seafile instance now, which seems to do the trick.

@r000t true, but 15G isn't a whole lot. I'll sync my phone (and other photos) to a selfhosted seafile now.

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