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So I had this domain laying around and believe it should be part of the fediverse. Want a free account? Get one!

/cc @adam πŸ™‚

Today I migrated my mail from mbox to Maildir format. It's 2020, I think Maildir is stable enough now...

Main reason was that I can't ever find any mails anymore and `mu` seems to do the trick (but expects Maildir, not mbox).

Oh look, a bot on (9gag -> mastodon)


If they can detect and measure covid-19 in sewage, why the heck does testing still require to tickle your brain with a massive Q-tip? πŸ€”

I suggest we rename "Sunday" to something more fitting ...

@darrenoneill Thanks for the reference in Grumpy Old Bens! Looks really interesting!

Cancel culture has finally made it to the Gitmo Lowlands in full force. Thanks Murica!

@darrenoneill The other day I believe you posted some speedtest graph on twitter of your VPN connection. Care to go over your reasons for using a VPN on your podcast?

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