Just remember kids, "If the Scatman can do it, so can you"

Maybe it's easier if openly racist projects just claim that on their websites, but hey, sure, a lecture on racial justice when you want to look up documentation is always fun.

Gave up on twitter today. Deleted all my tweets, it's done.

The yearly joy of finding the cheapest healthcare insurance has started again! /s

Where do you store your photos? Google Photos? Self-hosted alternative?

So in one week TransIP notifies me the free 1TB "STACK" storage will be discontinued and Google tells me Photos will only allow 15G from soon on.

Time to host every bloody thing myself!

Couldn't sleep so I started working around 5.30. Forgot how beautiful the world is when everyone's asleep!

So while you were all checking the US elections, this happened: "Mutt 2.0.0 was released on November 7, 2020."

I hate YouTube (or at least the never ending ads) more and more.

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Fellow Slaves:

I'm a little low on work right now if you're looking for a Dude Named Ben who does Drupal feel free to drop me a line. (PS, unlike the government, I don't do million dollar websites). Thanks!


I think it's time to nominate Biden for a Nobel Peace Prize by now.

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