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So I had this domain laying around and believe it should be part of the fediverse. Want a free account? Get one!

/cc @adam 🙂

ITM people! Try to skip both github and youtube today out of solidarity with

When Dudes Named Ben have too much free time on their hands, you get amazing projects like this:

I hate people who make screenshots of their terminal output.


I'm not millenial enough to appreciate and understand mindfulness and meditation awareness sessions...

If I do go for vinyl, what brand/model turn table would you recommend?

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Should I start collecting vinyl, or just keep downloading mp3s? 🤔

The woke people who always praise empathy and diversity seem to have a hard time empathizing with a president of a country they don't live in...

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Today I migrated my mail from mbox to Maildir format. It's 2020, I think Maildir is stable enough now...

Main reason was that I can't ever find any mails anymore and `mu` seems to do the trick (but expects Maildir, not mbox).

Oh look, a bot on (9gag -> mastodon)


If they can detect and measure covid-19 in sewage, why the heck does testing still require to tickle your brain with a massive Q-tip? 🤔

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